Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Want To See Blue Film Online

:. My Personal Sadistic World.:

And here I am years later to post again, I am just a pathological case UU Anyway ... this time it's not even a story or a legacy in the sense ... but I could be a little something Projects still not ready anything>. \u0026lt;. ... For the time being I leave in the company of my pg .. totally sadistic and often psychotic as the rest of their creator!
XD I really hope you like too ... AHSI shots are simple preparations during the last months **

therefore begin with the latest creation ... Evangeline ...
What about you ... it is a simple man with a lot of problems ... I have created a moment of my life too difficult this year, after the death of my grandmother ... I dedicate she taught me to be strong this pg ...

Then go to candy doll XD That is one of my first vampire.Diciamo Hella's just that although it looks a little person really cold and misanthropic ...

Yolanda is now my lamia.

Russell Valmont inspired by the movie Cruel Intentions * *

Blake ... thin the blood more esistaXD bastard.

Hypnos a character to which they are bound.

Jasper Cromwell witch bipolar .. xD ... very problematic

Dean Locker computer and a notorious witch-hunter.

Velvet V. vampire inspired by a famous game called Vampire the masquerade.

My adoratissima * Sophie * Anne Leclerq (I wonder what inspired * รง * XD)

Always Sophie, but this time with his half-brother by Damien

Carmilla Rocher.

Carmilla always with his daughter Desdemona created by my big sister **

Elenina the witch from the glorious descent ...

Daphne or the Bacchante Bacchante.

Another vampire Cassandra.

Aidan and Adhara born by my pg and a pg _Avril_ Desdemona by my sister.

.......... And last but not least ................ XD

is the red nymphomaniac! Along with that Squall's current poor guy ... pious soul that bears the add ... pg is by

I would say that's all for now! I hope not to have bored and well ... you can post that particular project that soon blend in my mind by now some tempoXD .. next time! **


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